What is the crewing ?

Crewing” is quite simply the management of human resources for all types of vessels. It is the management of the crew and all the associated administrative formalities.

We are the main contact with the various maritime authorities such as:

  • ENIM
  • Maritime Social Service
  • Maritime affairs

In addition, we , CHESS Maritime, provide legal assistance for crews and shipowners

What are CHESS Maritime's “crewing” missions?

Our services include on-ship deployment, planning, enrollment, administrative management as well as training.
We take care of the day-to-day management and administrative tasks for seafarers, such as payroll (declaration of employment, salary slips, etc.), travel arrangements, insurance and health plans (declaration of illness, work accident, etc.), general career development, as well as their daily well-being.

CHESS MARITIME, agent or maritime labor company

CHESS Maritime, Maritime Work Company

CHESS Maritimeis a Maritime Work Company whose activity is to provide a shipowner with seafarers. She is, therefore, responsible for crew management, but also administrative formalities.

As such, it signs the Maritime Engagement Contract and acts as an employer.


There is a double contract when you sign with CHESS Maritime as an ETM:

- The employment contract between the sailor and the Maritime Work Company

- A contract for the provision of the seafarer between the Maritime Work Company and the shipowner

CHESS Maritime, agent

CHESS Maritime acts in the name and on behalf of the shipowner for the human resources management needs of the ship. As such, Chess Maritime manages all administrative formalities related to crew management. In this case, CHESS Maritime does not assume the responsibility of the employer.

CHESS Maritime, Compliance and efficiency

CHESS Maritime offers services that comply with French and international labor legislation (MLC 2006 maritime labor law convention), in complete transparency.

We guarantee an efficient service for all your Maritime Engagement Contracts, entry and exit formalities, processing of charges, payment of wages, French pay slip (ENIM).

CHESS & M is our EUROPEAN partner in MALTA

CHESS & M is our “crew” partner for any placement and provision of crew under foreign flags.

CHESS & M offers crew services in accordance with flag and international legislation (MLC 2006), in complete transparency.

CHESS & M guarantees an efficient service for your Maritime Engagement Contracts, payment of salaries, charges, entry and exit formalities in English.