Chess Maritime is your safety, security, hygiene and environment consultant. We will assist you in the technical and regulatory fields in order to establish your management systems in accordance with the maritime industry standards and flag requirements. Our main purposes are to be efficient and to optimise resources within the safest and most compliant frame.


Chess Maritime will assist you in managing your private and commercial yachts in order to comply with rules and regulations: ISM Code / Mini ISM / ISPS / MLC / PYC / ISO 9001 / IACS rules.
Our goal is to optimise the management taking into account the mandatory regulations by using reliable and efficient numeric tools.

Who are we?

A dedicated team for you

We're officers with previous experiences on board cruise ships, ferries, yachts, tankers as Masters or chief engineers. We've worked for classification societies, maritime companies as superintendent, safety instructors... As a matter of fact, we have a global view on the maritime world.

Our Services

CHESS Maritime manages your vessel in the following fields: Safety, Security, Hygiene and environment, ISM, ISPS, Mini ISM, MLC, PYC, mandatory documents… Each system is tailored to your own environment.


This code has been established for commercial vessels over 500 UMS of Gross Tonnage and the maritime companies managing these ships.


This is a light “ISM Code”. This system is recommended on ships more than 24m of length and less than 500 UMS of Gross Tonnage carrying out a commercial navigation.


The main goal of this convention is to create social protection for seamen. Furthermore, This deals with hygiene and occupational health.


We'll develop Ship Security Plan and security procedures in order to prevent a security breach.

Mandatory documents

We'll generate the mandatory documents according to your needs. All documents are tailored for each vessel and available on paper or computerised version.


Our team will assist you in the maritime technical and regulatory fields: Business plan, “rules and regulations” monitoring, ship's projects, technical study....

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