ISPS code implementation requires experience and expertise in maritime security.
Our team has dealt with security matters on board ships and they've implemented security measures on several kinds of vessels.

ISPS services

  • SSA (Ship Security Assessment)
  • Company Security Officer (CSO) as required by the ISPS Code
  • The CSO or his deputy are available at all times for security and operational advice with 24/24 hours cover for emergencies.
  • Ship’s Security Plan (SSP) readiness, submission and approval from Flag State
  • Implementing the SSP on board and briefing the crew on system use
  • Communication with Flag State for ISPS Pre-Verification and issue of the Interim International Ship Security certificate
  • Conduct initial Internal Audit, produce Audit Report and monitor corrective action
  • Liaison with Flag State for initial External Audit and issue of the Full Term ISSC
  • Attend Flag State initial External Audit
  • Internal audits and non-conformity follow up

What is ISPS Code?

International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS)
This code is part of the SOLAS convention. Ships and port facilities must comply with ISPS by establishing Security Plans. This plans have procedures and measures for the protection of individuals, equipments, ships and port facilities in order to prevent any security incident. Following the approval of the SSP, Ships obtain from the flag state an ISSC (International Ship Security Certificate) for a duration of five years.