ISM code (International Safety Management) implementation on a ship or in a company requires experience and expertise. Procedures should be tailored to the ship particulars and the company's size. Our staff is qualified and experienced to do this job whatever the unit is. We are able to set up a computerised system for all the documents and check-lists. (paperless)
We have developed a database on « filemaker » which could save a great amount of time for the crew: CHESS Management System.
Allowing the crew to focus on the essential.

ISM Services

  • Obtaining the DOC “Document Of Compliance”
  • Providing computerised SMS manuals, procedures and check-lists
  • Designated Person Ashore (DPA) required by the ISM Code
    The DPA or his deputy are available at all times for safety and operational advices with 24/24 hours cover for emergencies
  • Implementing the SMS on board and briefing the crew on system use
  • Safety Management System are fully integrated, with contingency plans which combine SOPEP and other emergency procedures
  • Communication with Flag State for ISM Pre-Verification and issue of the Interim Safety Management Certificate (SMC)
  • Conduct initial Internal Audit, produce Audit Report and monitor corrective actions
  • Liaison with Flag State for initial External Audit and issue of the Full Term SMC
  • Attend Flag State initial External Audit
  • Annual internal audit for conformity check / SMS Review
  • « CHESS Management System » software including a PMS (Planned Maintenance System)

What is ISM Code ?

International Safety Management
This code is relative to the safety of commercial vessels over than 500 UMS tonnage and companies managing these ships. It was entering into force on 1st of July 2002 as chapter IX of SOLAS convention. The objectives of the ISM Code are to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoid damage to the environment, in particular, to the marine environment, and to property.