Mini ISM

Our “Mini ISM” contains contains several modules which can be implemented in accordance with your requirements. This management system could include MLC 2006 criteria and is based on LY2 / LY3 standards.
We've developed a database on « filemaker » which provides an easy environment for the operators: CHESS Management System.
Allowing the crew to focus on the essential.

Mini ISM services

  • Designated Person Ashore (DPA) required by the ISM Code : The DPA or his deputy are available at all times for safety and operational advice with 24/24 hours cover for emergencies
  • Providing Mini ISM manual with procedures and check-lists (paperless system)
  • Emergency manual
  • Rules and regulations monitoring (IACS regs, flag regs...)
  • « CHESS Management System » software including a PMS (Planned Maintenance System - CMMS : Computerised Maintenance Management System)
  • Audits / Non-conformity follow up

What is a Mini ISM?

ISM code doesn't involve commercial ships with a GRT of less than 500 UMS nor private ships. This code was created by the Red Ensign (LY2 / LY3) in order to implement a safety management system on board commercial yachts with length over 24m and a GRT of less than 500 UMS. It's a light ISM code. Flag states recommend more and more implementation of mini ISM as a management system for the commercial yachts less than 500 UMS GRT.