The MLC 2006 applies to ship defined in Article II, paragraph (1)(i): ship other than one which navigates exclusively in inland waters or waters within, or closely adjacent to sheltered waters or areas where port regulations apply.

The MLC 2006 applies to all ships as so defined, whether publicly or privately owned, that are ordinarily engaged in commercial activities except (see Article II, paragraph 4):
ships engaged in fishing or in similar pursuits; ships of traditional build such as dhows and junks; warships or naval auxiliaries.

MLC services

  • DMLC - Part 1
    Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance
  • DMLC - Part 2
  • MLC certificate for the ships over than 500 UMS or volunteer vessels.
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  • 'Chess Management System' software
    Working hours record, safety familiarisation record, Shipboard working arrangement, notification and sickness reporting.
  • Occupational safety procedures

What is MLC 2006?

Often named “The fourth pillar” of the international regulatory system. Its goal is to enhance quality shipping, complementing the key Conventions of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) such as MARPOL, SOLAS and STCW.
It has been created under the auspices of ILO (International Labour Organisation) . The main objectives are to provide a safe working environment for the seafarer, health care, social protection and good hygiene conditions.